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Sexy Back [07 Jan 2007|09:46pm]
Is retired.
So Mark, can be cute, hott(of course with the double t), fly, sexy, hella good, showstoppin, but not sexy back.
It was defintely showstopping when he gave Coley a wooden eagle. And that's not even a reference to anything.

In other news...I have a letter for someone.
Spill Your Guts Heart to Heart

Let Me Clear My Throat [05 Nov 2006|10:50am]
Sometimes there's things that you don't think will ever move you in the way that they do.

You may not think you'll ever date that co-worker, but when you speak to him and on a different level than money- you know you will.

You may not think a book issued to you by a school, with an oil painting of a barren farm will interest you either but it does.

And you may not think that a friend, that has always been there finally having someone in their life will make you as jealous as it does.

It became clear to me yesterday how cynical the world is. How hateful, how suspicious- for example, when my mother and I were in the mall, and a phone salesman simply said hi. Nothing else. Just hi. And we didn't respond. It was bizarre, and salesman not giving us a sales pitch? Just being courteous? Is such possible?

Or that Austrailian man who held up a sign saying "Free Hugs" and almost got shut down by cops, when it wasn't a creepy gesture. Just a nice one.

What is it, in us that makes us believe there is not good in the world, and we know. Maybe you and I don't know one damn thing.
Spill Your Guts Heart to Heart

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